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X+Y+Z Luxury

Project overview
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Levente Botond Kiss
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Botond Levente Kiss has designed the pinnacle of marine luxury of the near future in tribute to J-Class cruisers.
The assignment X+Y+Z was for students to design item collections around the subject, and Kiss set about it by reinterpreting the concept of luxury shipping. Though high sulphur bunker oil is currently used for both commercial and luxury vessels, he believes the future of shipping lies in zero emission – in other words, sailing – vessels. He did this by transposing a conventional solution used in modern competitive sports on the deck of a cruiser. The second item in the collection is a beach car.
Though primarily functioning as a ship deck lounge, the compact, self-driving Maybach could be also used to transport passengers from the harbour to the city centre and back. The third item is an indispensable bar set: to add a small twist to the design cliché, the tail lights of the car are not only shaped like crystal glasses, they actually incorporate them.
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