As part of the collaboration between MOME and the Centre for Energy Research (CER), Object Design BA students at a course were tasked with designing award trophy sets that will be used to recognise the outstanding achievements of junior associates and commemorate the work anniversaries of members of staff with decades of history with the Centre.

On 11 March 2020, the Hungarian government declared a public health state of danger due to the explosive worldwide spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and its arrival in Hungary.

Projektzáró kiállítás és publikációk

Táskák, ékszerek, kötöttek, kerámiák, kiegészítők, és még megannyi egyedi apróság.

Zsolt Szabó’s concept takes you to the world of high fashion and was inspired by the work of Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen.

Balkó Dorottya 2022-ben a Vidám Falak projektjével elnyerte a Stefan Lengyel ösztöndíjat a Budai Gyermekkórházba szervezett adományfestés projektjéért.

My grandfather was born in Czechoslovakia and came over to Hungary illegally when he was 20. His motherland appears as a mystical paradise in the family legend.  But how do I connect to this distant past and my grandfather’s homeland? How can I remember someone else’s memories and traumas? In my series, I am searching for answers to these questions. 

Combining tailoring and sustainability. Reflecting on how tailors can use fabric when it is received in the form of scrap, not in the piece. Integrating sustainability into fashion.

I consider the socialization of the alpha generation on digital platforms a great problem since there is no opportunity for true community values and relationships to be formed. To treat this grave situation I offer a program guide providing professional advice, instructions and quality materials. 

A pandémia következtében bevezetett szabályok megtörték az addig megszokott ritmusunkat.
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