Hometown redesign


An ongoing work discovers the fate of Chuxiong, a small city in south west of China. A story of the city, people, and memory. It is told in four interconnecting chapters about the transition of the city, changing of times for people, cherishing the past memory and finding self identity through this precious journey, more importantly reconnecting with my family after 5 years of being away.

Chapter One /// Hometown Redesign

Witnessing the transition of my hometown Chuxiong city, in Yunnan province of China. Returning home after five years, it has presented me with different signs of life with newly built districts and ever disappearing old town. All of a sudden, people are forced to accept what is coming to them, and moved to a new environment, contradictions were conflicts in their social values, or have evolved to satisfaction with huge  amounts of housing subsidies, but I am curious where is all this heading to, is it a denial to the past or a bright new future of Chinese Dream?

Chapter Two /// There is a Light that Never Goes Out

Exploring self identity, it started with digging the  past version of myself, who was that girl and what had she been through which shaped who she is right now. Light is the story that makes life shining, life could be dull without stories. Memories are the shadows of light, hiding in a place where it can be easily found but often false and empty. As for me, the best time comes when we are happy about the change, the worst of time happens when we are not happy with the change. I felt both happy and melancholy when going through my personal stories and memories. Colors are my code of shadow, while light is vividly heard.


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