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Aurum Futuri was created to recognise top talents in education and research at the university and disseminate their example to a broader public.

Aurum Futuri is an excellence award with two varieties – one for education and one for research – which can be won by competition. It is intended to provide material recognition to top professionals in education and research at the university. While the teaching award is designed to encourage innovations in education and highlight the need for constant methodological improvements and the value of learning support, the research award is focused on extolling the merits and significance of research activity. Both come with a trophy and a cash prize funded by the Foundation for Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

The name of the award is a reference to everything an educator does by teaching, mentoring, and providing theoretical and practical encouragement, and a researcher creates and maintains through research benefitting society – in a nutshell, the values creating and shaping the future, the “gold of the future”. 


The purpose of the Aurum Futuri education excellence award is to honour MOME teachers who demonstrate outstanding accomplishments in terms of the professional and scientific knowledge delivered, teaching methods used, and the impact achieved, and who are an inspirational influence on the teacher and student communities. The award highlights the significance of teaching and mentoring and constant methodological improvements, the necessity of content and methodological innovations, and the importance of creative and scientific activity and learning support, which are all MOME core values.  

The award recognises excellence in the following three areas:  

1. Education content: structure and variety of the content elements related to the subject, an optimal ratio of skill/knowledge and competency development, support provided to help deepen knowledge according to the type of subject (theoretical or practical class).  

2. Education methodology: methodological variety and nuance, achievements and effect before outcome, development of methodological innovations, own best practices and methods, and optimal alignment of methodologies used and learning targets.  

3. True impact of the added values of education: the level of active student motivation, readiness, improvement, learning results, and satisfaction. Insights, discoveries, practices, and career planning made and done by alumni as a result of the teaching received.   

The Aurum Futuri research excellence award draws attention to the significance and value of MOME’s research activity. It is designed to reward researchers who make a contribution by adding to existing knowledge or by generating new findings in scientific, design or art research, and, by developing creative and systematic research methods, advance progress in a particular field of study.

The award is granted based on the following criteria:

1. The quality of research findings: publication, novelty, and impact on the relevant field of study of the research findings.

2. Nature and degree of the true and positive social, economic, or ecological impact.

3. The level of impact the research makes on the research and international reputation of the university.

4. Efficiency of internal and external dissemination of the research findings and the resulting knowledge.

Recipients of the education and the research awards must be able to demonstrate proven and exemplary record in each and every evaluation criteria, thereby contributing to fostering MOME’s education culture as well as sharing, and encouraging the use of, best practices. 

Award winners

As a member of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design faculty, over the past 15 years, Dr Bori Fehér has conducted research in the fields of social design and social architecture, focusing mainly on promoting the progress of disadvantaged communities. From 2010, she worked as the co-founder and project manager of MOME EcoLab. She later led the Ecolab, and since 2019, she has been in charge of the Social Design Hub research centre at MOME Innovation Centre.

Fanni Csernátony DLA will reach an important milestone in her decade-long teaching career when she receives an award of excellence from her alma mater for her teaching work. Fanni started studying at MOME as a design student, and this year her studies culminated in her receiving her doctoral degree from the MOME Doctoral School.


Launched jointly by the Foundation for Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and the University, the Aurum Futuri excellence awards have been presented for the first time in MOME’s history. Nominations for the awards available for MOME’s most outstanding teachers and researchers can be made by both staff and students. The name of the award is a reference to the activities and values of the teachers and researchers shaping the future – the ‘gold of future’. This year’s Aurum Futuri excellence awards went to senior lecturer Fanni Csernátony DLA and Senior Researcher and Head of the Social Design Hub of the MOME Innovation Center Dr. Bori Fehér.

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