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Other buildings
The first completed block of the TechPark, MOME ONE houses professional technology workshops and primary creative spaces. It is where the classic workshops (textiles, metal, and wood) are located, and from September 2023, also the digital designer maker lab (laser cutting, 3D printing).


In addition to performing assignments from the Garment Accessory Design Specialisation of the Textile Design Programme, leather craft, as well as shoe and hat-making technologies are also taught. It is a modelling workshop with state-of-the-art equipment that also interacts with other workshops (Modelling, Metal, 3D Printer, Laser Cutting). In addition to raw materials made of natural leather, this workshop also deals with textiles, films, and other alternative materials.

Students of the Textil Department can make garments of design task in the Fashion workshop. In the Fashion workshop students can learn different skills, pattern development (flat pattern making, draping and CAD/CAM), tailoring, sewing, ironing, fusing technology.

Mainly intended for architecture students – creating and shaping models, mock-ups and prototypes through learning about woodworking technologies. Developing creative thinking and professional skills through constructing different structures. Using woodworking machinery, tools and equipment independently and safely, without accidents.

The Metalworker Workshop serves as the venue for learning about and practicing traditional and modern technologies that are closely linked to metalworking. Students can apply the theoretical and practical knowledge they learn under teacher supervision, but independently while modelling, completing or while their objects are being constructed. It is important for students to become capable of leveraging experience gained during the workshop creatively while solving their assignments, taking into account design criteria and requirements.

The Plaster Modelling Workshop operates as part of and in collaboration with the Modelling Workshop. Here, students can produce the objects designed by them and architecture students can make maquettes. Substitute forms from plaster or silicone can also be created for works to be made from other materials. The vacuuming forms used for vacuum-formed plastic objects are also mainly created in the Plaster Modelling Workshop. Tasks related to studying forms can also be preformed in the workshop.

As part of the Textile Design Programme, it is a workshop designed primarily for students from the fashion, accessories and costume specialisations. It gives students the opportunity to learn the professional technology of handcrafted millinery, and to implement hat and head-dress design assignments. Instruction also supports the incorporation of innovative technologies (3D, laser cutting, vacuum casting, print) into professional content, in collaboration with partner workshops. In addition to traditional hat shapes, students can also learn about alternatives to creative shaping. Felt, rabbit hair and plant-based (sinamay) materials are processed in the workshop.

Other buildings

MOME BASE is where the various community and learning venues are located. It serves as the base for BA programmes and also houses activity-specific teaching spaces. The student studios can be continuously reconfigured and are designed for complex functions, supporting activities from small group teamwork to formal teaching settings and individual learning. The computer rooms and the Mobility Design Lab are also situated in this building, along with the gym at basement level.

A listed monument built in the Classicist style, the Gond-űző villa has been converted to host university receptions and exclusive events.

MOME GROUND is a centrally located space and the main entrance of the University. As a reception area, it connects to the outside world and links the different buildings on Campus. It serves as a point of arrival and orientation, as well as a space for community activities. It is the largest indoor event and exhibition venue on Campus with a capacity of 400 people and home to the Canteen. From here you can access the Library and the Reception, which is open 24/7.

In addition to the Rector’s and CEO’s Offices MOME MASTER, houses the four institutes (Design, Theoretical Studies, Architecture and Media), the lecturers’ offices, the Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office, the Student HUB, the Student Council office, the Doctoral Students’ Council (DÖK), the Academic Office - including PreMOME -, the IT staff offices, and the flexible teaching spaces. It is also where the University’s number one hospitality venue, the Auditorium, is located, along with dedicated activity-based spaces for students (so-called home spaces), which are equally well-suited for individual and group learning, project activities, or recreation.

The other TechPark building, MOME TWO, includes the media, recording, and postproduction (film, photography, graphic design, and sound) studios, as well as the manual (ceramics, plaster, glass, and bio-fibre) studios and labs. It is also home to our four largest spaces (spatial experimentation, drawing and sculpting, photography, and film studios), which, together with their service areas, are available for major university projects, as well as external event venues for rent.

MOME UP is the University’s most iconic building. Architecturally and spiritually, it embodies the innovative energy and progressiveness that permeates the Campus. It is home to the Innovation Center – a key research, development, and innovation site –, the Doctoral School, the EU Projects office, the Budapest Design Material Library, the Brand Office, as well as MOME Open, the University’s adult training platform.
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