At the intersection of music and visuality – Intermezzo Festival returns to the House of Music, Hungary

The Intermezzo Festival is organised by MOME students for the second time this year. The purpose of the event series created by students but not only for students, in addition to providing an opportunity for emerging musicians to make their debut, is to link music with a design-oriented audience. The House of Music, Hungary offers an ideal backdrop for the electronic styles and inspiring visual accompaniment.

MOME students will create a lively atmosphere for the start of the next academic year by organising the 2nd Intermezzo Festival at the House of Music, Hungary at the beginning of the semester on 8 and 9 September 2023. At the same time, the event series built around the interaction of contemporary art and music is directed not only at students but anyone who wants an inspiring start to the autumn. 

The focus of the festival will be electronic music, blending elements of jazz, psychedelic folk or 90s hiphop. Formation Acideal will perform an acid techno live set with a predominantly hypnotic vibe. Nasip Kismet founded by Turkish-born Arif Erdem Ocak will give a live world music concert with psychedelic folk music and jazz. The 11-member Hakumba will also play world music, alongside bands featuring such exciting musical styles such as surf-rock, afrobeat, or Balkan brass. The music lineup includes live music by Judit Bárány, hari_drama, Kinetic Erotic, Zækar and Henri Gonzo from Fran Palermo with his latest project Henri Gonzo és a Papírsárkányok, as well as DJ sets by UNI’Beats, Hanussen – Blue Sun Radio and yorgos.  

In addition to the impressive location, the event owes much of its unique character to the stunning visuals created by MOME Media Design and Animation students as a backdrop for the concerts echoing the style of the artists and the performers. One of the most exciting spaces of the building, the Sound Dome, will house an 8-minute-long narrative installation with an immersive experience conceived by Animation MA student Emese Pálovics and Art and Design Management MA student Bianka Faddi and exploring the issue of generation gap. 
Another installation, designed by two Architect students Dóra Puskár and Adrienn Novák for the outdoor stage, was inspired by the building and its surroundings. Positioned above the outdoor stands, the artwork reflects on the iconic circular shape of the House of Music, its central location, the transparency and airiness resulting from its architectural character, and the significance of light. 
The EJTECH artist duo will present their latest installation Dung Dkar Cloak, a textile innovation providing a unique musical experience, at the Festival on 8 September. First debuted at the Sound Scene 2023 Festival in Washington DC, the interactive fractal tapestry produces unique sound compositions at a touch. 

The Intermezzo Festival will take place on 8 and 9 September at the House of Music, Hungary. 

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Event information

Venue: House of Music, Hungary
Date: 08-09/09/2023

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