Human ecology and design I Presentation series

Co-organised by the MOME Institute for Theoretical Studies and ELTE Human Ecology MA, an intriguing presentation is launching on Mondays at 6:00 p.m. between 21 March and 2 May.

Today, the correlations between global tension-filled socio-economical processes and drastic changes in the natural environment, as well as the responsibility related to the ecological crisis are increasingly drawing attention. Human ecology creates a conceptual framework and explores practical solutions that might be suitable for providing relief to the crisis and for reinventing the coexistence of man and nature. The presentation series provides an in-depth scientific and design artistic analysis of how design can incorporate this new information and what human ecology as a discipline can learn from the unique depository of knowledge and diverse and far-reaching experience offered by design. 

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Participation is open to all and free of charge.

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The 2024 Diploma Exhibition of MOME’s Master's students will showcase intriguing student concepts and innovative ideas reflecting on 21st-century issues and challenges. This year, the event will be open for nearly a week, from 15 to 21 June, at various locations across the university.
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