Rehearsal for the Robot Revolution: Robots take centre stage

The relationship of research, science, and art is at the heart of MOME’s latest autumn lecture series. International speakers of the masterclasses co-organised by product Renáta Dezső and sponsored by MOME Global Voices from various prestigious European universities will be coming here to explore and give their take on contemporary art and science.

The first lecture on 18 October will be held by associate professor at Aalborg University and head of the RELATE Research Laboratory for Art and Technology Elizabeth Jochum, listed on the Robohub's top 25 women in robotics. Jochum’s research uses the visual and performing arts as catalysts for re-thinking how we design and implement robots and other assistive technologies across society. Her work involves transdisciplinary collaboration in human-robot interaction, health, and engineering.  

Three of the speakers are co-coordinators of the Erasmus+ consortium ABRA (Artificial Biology, Robotics, and Art), a Strategic Partnership project designed to foster innovation and revitalise education by developing transdisciplinary methods in higher education that bridge the arts and sciences, focusing on artificial biology, robotics, and art. 

Internationally renowned artist and researcher of Aalto University in Finland Laura Beloff and Associate Professor at the Center for Integrative Biology at the University of Trento, Italy, and a Chemical and Biological Engineering Professor at the University of New Mexico Dr, Hanczyc will also be among the speakers.

Sponsored by the Foundation for Moholy-Nagy University and Design as part of the Global Voices initiative. 

16:00 - 17:30

Event information

Date and time: 18 October 2023, 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Gond-űző, MOME

This event will be held in English.
Registration is required to attend.

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