Technicity conference

The Technicity Research Group is organising the Technicity Doctoral Workshop Conference as part of the 8th PhD Day on 12 and 13 December.

The aim of the professional event is to explore the connections between doctoral research papers exploring the relationship of technology and man through various experience, practices, and fields.

Plenary speakers will include mathematician and professor emeritus of the ELTE Institute of Psychology László Mérő, who will discuss artificial intelligence and related concerns. Social and employment specialist Dr. László Gábor Lovászy PhD who has lost 80% of his hearing as a baby will talk about disability issues based on his own experience, and communication researcher and MOME teacher dr. Petra Aczél.


Proposed sections of the event:  

·      Digital art, digital imaging, visualisation
·      Technology as a medium: media, museum, education
·      Science, access, freedom, data and privacy
·      Ability / disability, human and non-human 

The conference is inviting papers related to the theme of the conference by students from any doctoral schools in Hungary in order to foster a dialogue between research projects with a similar subject but dissimilar focus and approach. 


Event information

Date: 12-13/12/2023
Venue: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

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