MOME expands its biotech lab

Thanks to the generous donation offered by Ákos Maróy, researcher, IT expert, bio and media artist, currently the member of the Google Zurich team, the activities of the MOME Biolab is further expanded to support the future work of the Creative Technology HUB in the Design Competence Center.

Ferenc Kovács Nagy, researcher of MOME Creative Technological HUB and Attila Jeremiás Király, developer of Maker’s Red Box

Ákos Maróy started his bio-art career in 2008 working at The Arts & Genomics Center in the Netherlands, and in 2013, he established his own DIY Biolab hosted by FabLab Budapest.

Ákos Maróy

“We experimented mainly with fluorescent and luminescent bacteria and algae and we created installations including GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) DNA transformations. During the lab’s work we cooperated with the Molecular Biology Department at Szeged University, with Kitchen Budapest and students who pursued their studies at the Engame Academy could conduct biological experiments there. In 2013 we presented the project at the Design Week in Budapest. In the fall of 2015 we disassembled the lab, the tools were settled for a while at Városmajor High School, Budapest, later they traveled to Maker’s Red Box (formerly known as Makerspace). Currently they have found their new place at MOME,” said the researcher.

The lab technology will contribute to the biotechnological research conducted in the Creative Technology Hub at MOME. Areas and border areas of live ecological systems will be studied, such as organic design, live cell and biopolymer printing.

Photo credit: Máté Lakos

Published at: 2021-01-29 10:38:00