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Program benefits
The Innovation Center creates value for student and faculty projects by transforming innovative ideas into more developed business concepts.
Application deadline
28 February 2023, 11:59 PM
Incubation program begins
11 March 2023
Stage gate
13 April 2023
Demo Day
29 June 2023
Program language:
Our goal is to develop entrepreneurial skills, improve self-confidence, and help transform innovative ideas into more developed business concepts. We have integrated our strengths in nurturing young talent into a design-driven incubation program.

MOME has set an ambitious goal to be the leading creative industry and innovation hub in Central and Eastern Europe by 2030. To compliment the university’s efforts to achieve this goal, we’ve launched a design-driven incubation program to aid young innovators, researchers, and aspiring entrepreneurs in Hungary. Anyone may apply to participate in our incubation program, regardless of one’s age, educational background, discipline, industry, or field of study.

We aim to have an interdisciplinary group of participants, and preference is given to those projects that are impact-focused, connected to wellbeing, or otherwise aligned with MOME’s areas of expertise or research fields.

Program benefits

We cover topics such as personal awareness, team assessment, idea validation, design thinking, business model canvas, value proposition, product development (MVP), financial planning, market research, competitor analysis, sustainability, impact measurement, growth mindset, pitch training, among others.

Receive personalised mentorship

Access MOME’s international and interdisciplinary mentor pool to receive personalised advice from experts in design, innovation, and startups.

Access to design talent and research

Support from MOME’s design researchers, lecturers, trainers, and students to receive value-adding creative support for your project.

Access to campus infrastructure

Participants can make use of MOME’s infrastructure, including the new Technology Park and the dedicated co-working space on campus.

Networking opportunities

Participants can build up their network within MOME and with experienced entrepreneurs, mentors, and innovators in the local and regional startup ecosystem.

Interdisciplinary learning sessions

Participate in workshops, open discussions, and interdisciplinary (peer-to-peer) learning sessions that collectively contribute to further developing your project.

Potential funding opportunities

After successfully passing the stage gate in the incubation program, you can access potential funding opportunities from the university or through our network of investors.


Info & Matchmaking Session where we answer all your questions about MOME IC's incubation program, and where you can find your dream team!

Who is the ideal participant for this program?

  • Anyone with a potential breakthrough idea or novel concept that has the potential to make an impact and address a (market) need in a unique or differentiated way.
  • Self-motivated individuals and teams who can attend all the contact sessions, and who have clear and actionable goals with regards to how MOME’s incubation program can support the development of their project.
  • Projects that can clearly demonstrate how MOME can add value. 
  • Anyone with a preference to participate in an English-language incubation program in Hungary.


What is needed to be eligible?

  • Have a good command of the English language, both written and verbal.
  • The project should not be involved in any other incubation program at the same time.
  • Most team members, and the team leader more specifically, should be living in Hungary throughout the duration of the incubation program.
  • International students/residents in Hungary should have a valid residence permit that covers the full duration of the incubation program.
  • Your project doesn’t need to be a legally registered entity.

How many sessions are there to attend?

The incubation pgram streches over two phases between the beginning of March and end of June. You can find the detailed timeline and other practical information in this document.

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