MOME Awards Its Exceptional Talents for the First Time

Date: 2021.06.30
Seventy students entered the second round of the Stefan Lengyel Excellence Scholarship, sixteen of whom won the HUF 150,000 per month grant for one semester. Above this, the winning students will have the opportunity to represent the university as ambassadors of the respective department on international and Hungarian exhibitions, professional events.

In autumn 2020, the Foundation for Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design launched the Stefan Lengyel Excellence Scholarship programme, two modules of which put a major focus on performance-based support for students, as well as on enhancing students’ up-to-date sectoral, practical competences and on their professional integration. The concept was developed in cooperation with the MOME Academy, and the Students and Doctoral Candidates’ Union. The aim was to develop a programme that symbolises the university’s identity, embodies its innovative and ambitious character and takes into account the feedback from the community. 

After a two-round selection, the winners of Stefan Lengyel Excellence Scholarship presented their entries for a jury consisting of five members from each institute. Evaluation criteria included that the project of the applicant was supposed to be genuine and innovative, furthermore, the social sensitivity and the relevance of the concept were also supposed to be seen. The jury examined whether the assignment set and the created production are in line with each other, and they also evaluated the visual presentation and the extent to which the project used contemporary technologies to convey the concept.

All four jury panels were supported by the eponym of the programme, professor Stefan Lengyel with his several years of professional experience and, as a honorary jury member, by Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy, the President of the Board of Trustees in the Foundation for Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. 

Our goal is to make MOME the best university of Central Europe in its field by 2030. For this, we need a culture which is based on rewarding excellence and on mutual recognition. Never before has a student support comparable to this new scholarship existed on the university. It is a great pleasure and an important confirmation that student participation rate was so high. The creativity and ambition appearing in their entries is the basis for the future of MOME’ - as it was said by Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy, the chairman of the MOME Foundation. 

According to Stefan Lengyel, Professor Emeritus, the Excellence Scholarship that bears his name transmits an important message to players of the cultural, economic and industrial sectors: it reminds them that MOME is a university with a dynamic structure that consistently strives to make the best of its students. At the same time, the programme communicates to the applicants that MOME cooperates with its students and that the programmes within the University’s walls are highly recognised both externally and internally.

More information on the winners of Stefan Lengyel Excellence Scholarship is available on the website of MOME.

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