MOME is planting forests throughout the country

Date: 2022.12.08
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) is launching a unique, nation-wide afforestation action. Joining forces with three national parks – the Balaton Uplands National Park, the Danube-Drava National Park and the Duna-Ipoly National Park – it will develop new forests in three locations across Hungary over nearly 50 hectares. When grown, these will help neutralise the university’s harmful emissions. The action will also be incorporated into the training, and staff and students are welcome to get involved.

This spring, the Foundation for Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design announced MOME’s ambition to become Hungary’s first carbon neutral university by 2030. The MOME Zero project is designed to significantly increase energy efficiency, eliminate food waste and introduce paperless administration. According to the latest announcement, the university will also compensate residual emissions by planting its own forests.  

Climate change is having a major impact also on Hungary’s future. The next generation needs to be able to understand and interpret this process, and at the same time, become capable of taking action to help maintain the liveability of our country. This responsibility is at the heart of MOME’s action, which is unique among Hungarian higher education institutions. We are hopeful that many will choose to follow in our footsteps”, said concept owner of the project and President of the Foundation for Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy.  

MOME and the Foundation maintaining it announced signing of a strategic agreement with three national parks – the Balaton Uplands National Park, the Danube-Drava National Park and the Duna-Ipoly National Park – to plant new forests in all three locations over nearly 50 hectares. Planting and long-term care will be performed by MOME staff and students together with foresters, ecologists and environmental protection professionals. This way, direct transfer of sustainability knowledge will also be organically incorporated into the training provided by MOME.  

The announcement and signing ceremony was attended by President of the MOME Foundation Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy, MOME’s Rector József Fülöp, MOME’s CEO Zsuzsanna Kun, Director of the Balaton Uplands National Park Zoltán Puskás, Director of the Danube-Drava National Park  Szabolcs Závoczky and Director of the Duna-Ipoly National Park András Füri. 

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What and how can we study at MOME in ten or even twenty years? How can the university stay up-to-date and provide answers to the pressing challenges of the century, and the needs of the future? The Foundation for the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design asked the university community to develop a 21st century education model, the "University of the Future 2025-2045", in line with the international ambitions of the institution, as part of the model change. At the MOME Senate meeting in early December, the programme was approved by the Senate of the University without abstention or dissenting votes, with a 100% approval rate - a reform with such a high level of support has never been seen before in the history of the institution.

The 17th Moholy-Nagy Award was presented by József Fülöp to film director, screenwriter, and professor emeritus of the Department of Film, Television and Digital Media of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and art director of the Sundance Filmmakers Lab Gyula Gazdag.
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