MOME to select next rector through international competition

Date: 2023.01.05
Taking a novel approach in Hungarian higher education, the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) has announced an open international call to select the institution’s next rector. The process will be unique for a number of reasons.

The Foundation for the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, which maintains the university, has decided to introduce a process for the selection of the university’s next rector that has not been applied in Hungarian higher education before. The most important new feature is that the competition announced now is international, with the aim of selecting the most suitable new leader for the university without regard to nationality. 

"We are an international institution, while the language of the arts and design is international. We are able to provide the most benefit for Hungary by building a university which provides as many of our students as possible with the best chance to achieve global successes. To do so, we require the best rector out there: whether the individual is from Hungary, the region or elsewhere in the world," said Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy, chair of the MOME Foundation, discussing the call for applications.

Another new feature is that, in addition to professional experience, the call for applications places significant emphasis on expected leadership abilities. These include dynamic and future-oriented thinking, the ability to provide day-to-day support for co-workers, excellent language skills and a network of high-level international contacts to benefit the university. 

Finally, the call for applications for the position of rector is also unique in that the MOME Foundation, instead of the few months customary in Hungarian higher education, is devoting more than eighteen months to select and prepare the new rector. 

The most outstanding professionals plan their advancement several years ahead. It would be pointless to issue an international call without providing adequate time for the applicants. It is only like this that we can guarantee the candidates the kind of meaningful dialogue that is worthy both of them and our university. And, in fact, this application process also makes it possible for the candidates to further develop their own visions along the way,” Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy added. 

The current rector, József Fülöp, together with the MOME Senate and the international advisory board of the Foundation for the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, also participated in the preparation of the open international competition. MOME’s aim with the process is to serve as a role model for other Hungarian institutes of higher education. 

More news

One of the most important events in the life of nearly 250 students will take place shortly. The diploma defences will be held between 5 and 21 June, and like in previous years, many of them will be open to the public. The Diploma Exhibition of masterworks will be on display on 17 and 18 June at several locations across the Campus. Once again, MOME’s graduation ceremony will feature world-renowned creative professionals and artists whose career and oeuvre can serve as a model for students.

What will the future bring in education, healthcare, or transportation? What will life be like in 2043? These are the questions that participants of the Jump into the future! creative competition can once again reflect on together with MOME teachers. With help from the university’s teachers, they can develop their designs as part of a several-week-long intensive mentoring process.

School teaching practice has always been an important focus of MOME’s teacher training, as real-life school setting is the best preparation environment for those looking to become a teacher. Each year, MOME’s Design and Visual Arts Teacher programme, which produces 10 graduates, is in great demand, and belongs to teacher training, one of the most popular areas of training.
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