On 11 March 2020, the Hungarian government declared a public health state of danger due to the explosive worldwide spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and its arrival in Hungary.

Sipos Sára, a Design- és Művészetmenedzsment szak hallgatója elnyerte a Stefan Lengyel ösztöndíjat a Szeniorok a piacon: outreach alapú kiállítási projekttervével.

The basis of my master’s project is my grandmother’s trousseau.

With the use of social design tools, this project discovers how to make public transportation for children more attractive.

Balkó Dorottya 2022-ben a Vidám Falak projektjével elnyerte a Stefan Lengyel ösztöndíjat a Budai Gyermekkórházba szervezett adományfestés projektjéért.

For my graduation project I’ve chosen a musical phenomenon that currently makes waves in the Word’s pop culture scene: the K-pop.

In my masterwork, I dealt with unprocessed transgenerational trauma, the phenomenon in which the effects of traumatization occur in people who have not themselves experienced the event but have somehow inherited the unprocessed traumas of their ancestors.

My masterwork is a chocolate serving set that complements the experience of consuming chocolate and helps raise awareness of chocolate culture.

A pandémia következtében bevezetett szabályok megtörték az addig megszokott ritmusunkat.

Autonomy has recently become one of the most highlighted competences in education.

By using our digital tools, our presence can be extended to the whole world. What will be the implications if we keep up with the pace of the machines we have created?

I have recorded personal monologues, 'streams of thought', based on the nature of the personal diary as a self-confession and its emotional impact.
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