Biohaus project is raising awareness to the inescapable importance of biodesign and biomanufacturing on Earth from the innovation-generating perspective of Mars. In this half year we have created an inflatable bioreactor for algae cultivation.

A village can be defined in several ways. It can be an agricultural site, a form of settlement smaller than a town, a place with limited autonomy, or even a geographical term.

Nóra Fazekas wanted to reflect on manual estimates, which gave birth to the concept of Gruler. Gruler is a glove that allows the wearer to carry out accurate calculations by using the fingers and the hands.

“The” Terebesi Street. A stop less then 4 minutes away from Örs Vezér Square, where the tram oftentimes doesn’t even stop. However, there are people living both in the Terebesi forest and in the outbuildings of the former truck washer. One of them is Erzsi, who has been living in a tiny space - which can hardly be labelled as a room - with her partner for 3 years. This 8-minute short film attempts to give an insight into her everyday life.

Our design suggests an ideal urban environment for residents applying the atrium house typology, with low intensity of built-up space, supplemented by community functions and arguing for communal and human scale. My development design is an architectural experiment to bridge the gap between professionals and lay people. Its purpose is to make the architectural content available for the wider public via animation and graphic design, therefore it aims to bring to the surface and vivify discourse on housing issues.

Our teacher Péter Bence Simon won first prize in the Typography category of the Brands and Communication Design section of the Red Dot Award. His award-winning TYPO LANTERNS poster was commissioned by the KECD (Korea Ensemble of Contemporary Design) on the theme of ‘Beautiful Seoul’. It was also included in the annual year book of the prestigious New York-based design publisher Graphis Poster Annual available from summer 2024 and received a Silver Award.
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