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Ingrid Válint – Esterházy dessert cup

ONYX Műhely x MOME I ‘Gerbeaud legacy’ project
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The project is a collaboration between the MOME Object Design programme and ONYX Műhely. The goal of ONYX Műhely is to present a progressive Hungarian cuisine offering a fusion of art, science and gastronomy. The design course for ceramic design students of the MOME Object Design programme was led by Art Director of the ONYX Műhely’s Creative Community Angéla Góg DLA, and ceramist and MOME teacher Edit Kondor. Assisted by the Műhely's creative pastry chef Zsuzsanna Borsos, students were tasked with designing dessert serving items for ONYX Műhely by exploring contemporary dessert culture and the related serving techniques and drawing on Gerbeaud's legacy.
My design was inspired by the Esterházy cake, highlighting the properties of the walnut as a central ingredient. The shape and texture of the walnut sparked off countless associations for me, such as mystery, anticipation, excitement, and essence. They also called to mind the close ties I have to my family, and home.
My work is a reflection on these ideas, and most importantly, stands for the properties of “embracing, protecting, and saving”. In addition to capturing the essence of the walnut, my goal was to create a glass form that would function as a dessert cup. Despite giving a hint of what it might hold, it offers an experience of exploring a mysterious inner world full of surprises. Photo: Rebeka Szomor
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