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Inner limit

Figure without absolutes
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Eszter Csordás
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There are several trends in contemporary art that are seeking the visual transformation, or hybridization of anthropomorphic figures.
My masterwork is a 9-minute meditative video etude based on my personal, changing bodily experience, supplemented by a 6-minute documentary work film, consisting mainly of various interviews. The recordings were made in the film studio of MOME, under precisely designed and controlled lighting conditions, in dynamic collaboration with the crew, and I supplemented them with post-production and an audio track created from the voices of the models. The film invites the viewer to free contemplation and association. Addressing the changes of external and internal boundaries, their constant development, the critical contemplation of social body image and bodily boundaries, and the awareness of the constant change of our own nature. The body shape and bodily experience is modified through dress knitting. The compositions I designed were created by Trustboundrope, a knitting artist who uses professional and safe techniques in the genre of shibari. The film's baroque visual world contains fragmentation, distortion, transformation through disappearance and fusion.
For my masterwork, I asked women to be my models who themselves influenced the development of my personal body image. In the interviews, they share their personal experiences related to the project. I examine cultural phenomena and intellectual streams that could influence these visual trends, such as changes in normative body image or how we define humanity. This visual phenomena, can be brought into a relevant discourse, with the trends of posthumanism and these can reinforce each other. Posthumanism, as a cultural context, enhances the relativization of human representation and serves as a fertilizing medium for visual transformation and hybridization in the representation of the human figure. I expose visual transformation phenomena such as transformation by destruction, distortion, fragmentation, glitch, ornamental transformation and fusion due to hybridization I also examine nature-man hybrids and the machine-man hybrids.
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