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Martina Kovács - Diplomat pudding

ONYX Műhely x MOME I ‘Gerbeaud legacy’ project
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The project is a collaboration between the MOME Object Design programme and ONYX Műhely. The goal of ONYX Műhely is to present a progressive Hungarian cuisine offering a fusion of art, science and gastronomy. The design course for ceramic design students of the MOME Object Design programme was led by Art Director of the ONYX Műhely’s Creative Community Angéla Góg DLA, and ceramist and MOME teacher Edit Kondor. Assisted by the Műhely's creative pastry chef Zsuzsanna Borsos, students were tasked with designing dessert serving items for ONYX Műhely by exploring contemporary dessert culture and the related serving techniques and drawing on Gerbeaud's legacy.
Evoking a bygone era of idyllic café life in Hungary, my dessert of choice, the Diplomat pudding which gained popularity in Hungary in the 1950s in the midst of an economic crisis and a shortage of premium raw materials during the Communist regime. In the wake of World War II and the Revolution of 1956, many of the plates used at that time were lost.
Today, it is extremely difficult or impossible to find porcelain plates dating from the 1950s. For this reason, I have used plates from the 1930s with similar stylistic features for inspiration. Just like the Diplomat pudding, the Zsolnay plates I chose stand for the illusion of desired prosperity. My design combines elements of the past and the present, by linking a form inspired by a mass produced item, with the exclusivity represented by increasingly highly valued handcraft. Photo: Rebeka Szomor
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