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On 20 November, World Children’s Day, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) and the Hungarian Red Cross will launch their first joint campaign, in the framework of which the two organisations will distribute 100 BABY PACKS to disadvantaged families expecting babies in various areas of the country.
The campaign, closing in late January 2021, is intended as the foundation of a longer-term collaboration, which will seek to involve the general population more into assisting underprivileged communities. The Social Design Research Group of the Design Competence Centre of MOME’s Innovation Center (MOME IC) launched its MOME Care Packs programme in the spring of 2020. MOME Care Packs are digitally downloadable physical packages that contain essential tools and items for a number of various life situations. The BABY PACK is a Care Pack specifically focused on new-borns. The contents of the pack and the accompanying instructions for use have been compiled with the help of experts and with the professional support of the Association of Hungarian Health Visitors (MAVE).
In order to facilitate extensive use of the Care Packs, MOME and the Hungarian Red Cross have recently signed a cooperation agreement. The aim of the joint work is to use the humanitarian organisation’s professional experience in charitable fundraising to help as many people in need as possible to benefit from the help offered by the packs. The Hungarian Red Cross is contributing to the success of the campaign by preparing 100 BABY PACKs from donations and gradually delivering them to their recipients.
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