Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

MOME Care Pack

During the pandemic, the Social Design Research Group in collaboration with various teachers of MOME tried to respond to the effects of home isolation that can trigger special difficulties in various life situations.
The Group prepared MOME Care Packs for responding to needs of different groups. These packs are physical kits containing basic equipment and objects for various life situations providing special help for the period ahead of us. A dedicated website ( is available for downloading the contents list and plans to create these kits. This platform enables individuals or communities who wish to extend help to others to take meaningful action.
By accessing the website, people can access the necessary information and resources to contribute to the support of individuals and communities in need. MOME Care Packs include a BabyPack for families of newborns, ComfortPacks for safety measures of the elderly, and CreativePack that targets schoolchildren participating in remote digital education.
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