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Bence Tóth
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I formulated my hypothesis based on the 1993 exhibition Polyphony and Balázs Beöthy’s Hidden definition project that the social, political, and cultural changes in the past 30 years once again call for a redefinition of art founded on social consensus. I asked artists and lay people to send a voice mail with a free definition of art to the Instagram page of my project. After publishing them anonymously, I used data extracted with a text mining algorithm from transcripts to create a 3D printed body, physically assimilating the various definitions. One reading of my project is illustrating the absurdity of the attempt, as it is impossible to formulate just one definition of art. However, during my research, collecting definitions made me realise that the true goal is to create conversation between the formulators of the various definitions. This is how the focus for the further development of my project shifted from absurdity to open discussion with social and cultural benefits.
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