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READING CABIN in Csingervölgy

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The project was realised under the leadership of ‘studioB’, as part of a credited course of the Institute of Architecture of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. The installation was commissioned by the Crystal Valley Society as part of VEB2023 EcoC programme with sponsorship from Ajka City Council.
Project title: MOME studioB – Forest Reading Cabin Author: MOME studioB - Place: Csingervölgy, Ajka, Magyarország Building timeline: 2022.08.28-2022.09.04 Instructors: Baló Dániel László, Bene Tamás Photo: studio_meter, Máté Balázs - Sponsor: Drevotta talajcsavar -
Based on Imola Fazakas and Liza Formanek’s concept, Students participating in the development and implementation of the project: Anett Almási, Fruzsina Bitter, Katalin Anna Dresch, Szabolcs Dugár, Fanni Hegyi, Norbert Péter Horváth, Kitti Krusinszky, Dávid Kulcsár, Henrietta Nyéki, Áron Páll, Noémi Éva Sebestyén, Kira Eszter Szabolcs, Dorottya Zachár
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