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Secondary School, redesigned

The Spaces of modern pedagogy
Project overview
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Beáta Bocska
Degree level
Year of project
My masterwork deals with the building of the high school in Komárom.
My goal was to create a school building to support teaching that based on the principles of modern pedagogy. On the one hand, I wanted to provide differentiated learning and community spaces for the students. On the other hand, my goal was to open the building for the citizens of the town. I wanted to create an intensively used building that could be a second home for the students and a community centre for the neighbourhood.
In my thesis I would like to find out which characteristics are needed to have a well-functioning school building that supports modern pedagogy, motivates its users, and creates a healthy environment. I attempt to review the effects of social changes on education, pedagogy, and school architecture. I deal with competency-based education and articulate the new spatial needs that need to be met in today’s schools. I present three examples of school architecture in more detail. At the end of my thesis, I attempt to determine the characteristics of an ideal school environment that supports modern pedagogy. I determine these characteristics based on the literature research, the building visits, and the interviews I made.
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