Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Table in Between Ruins – installation in Spain

Reusing an abandoned building conqured by nature
Project overview
Student name
Flóra Farkas
Hanna Kopacz
Hanna Kubinyi
Levente Máté Borenich
Márton Bene
Máté Lénárd Novák
Sára Farkas
Áron Turóczi
Zita Técsi
Bianka Bús
Degree level
Year of project
2021 - ongoing
Where does the built environment end? Where does nature start? Is there a clear borderline between them? How does the space formed by humans relate to the natural? These were the main questions of the designers of this project.
In September 2019 the MA1 students received a very unique task from the leaders of Experimental Workshop course. They had to design installations for the Más Madera festival, held in Valganón, Basque Country, Spain, working in pairs.
At the end of the semester, they chose one idea to work on together. They discovered the potential in an abandoned building of a textile manufacture using it as a community space for the festival guests and the locals. They realised the plan in 2021.
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