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The hill

Symbolic narratives of film
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Bálint Gerendás
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The film tracks the protagonist's journey out of the city on a night bus.
On his way, through flashbacks, interior monologues and animated film inserts, we get to know David, a young man in his late twenties, who is cherishing artistic plans and is waiting for the results of his many times repeated entrance exam. We see him in his daily life, at work, talking to his colleagues, we experience his ambitions, frustrations, demoralisation and loneliness. Thereafter, the story breaks with the previous dramaturgy, and turns into the present, at the same time it becomes more and more fantastic. Getting off the bus, David walks in the early morning winter fog towards the forest nearby, where, after some wandering, he curls up in a clearing on the frozen ground. Then a metamorphosis begins, in which the boy slowly merges with nature, and by the time spring sets in, he becomes a flowering hill.
In my thesis I attempt to draw a parallel between literary imagery and the similar phenomena in film language with the help of the tools of semiotic structuralism. I do that in order to be able to analyse surrealistic/symbolic films adequately that are difficult to understand. Finally I attempt to demonstrate a film having complex symbolic layers of meaning through the tools I have written about formerly.
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