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The Revitalization of the 'forfa' site in Zebegény

The panorama of Zebegény
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Csenge Jolán Király
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The site of my diploma project is located in Zebegény, in the middle of its historical core; the old village, where a neglected socialist school building marks the biggest morphological wound of the settlement.
Because of my personal attachment, I have been interested in the story and future of the building for years. After all, in the very fabric of a traditional Hungarian rural village, a huge flat-roofed school is a quite striking sight. The aim of my project is to revitalise the school area, in which I sought to answer the question of the architectural and urban context of tradition and modernity.
The village of Zebegény The revitalization of the 'forfa' site located in Zebegény Within my thesis I explored the village of Zebegény. The study examines the structural, architectural and morphological characteristics of the village and seeks answers to the architectural and townscape relations between tradition and modernity. In the fabric of a traditional rural environment, what is the appropriate architectural behaviour today? Is there a need for adaptation and if so, how and to what extent? The study focuses on an empty school building (’forfa’ school) in the heart of the village, which is an imprint of the socialist construction methods of the 1970s. The building's impact on the urban fabric and its unusual architectural appearance raise a number of questions, and is an example of an era that did not focus on environmental sensitivity, but on efficient and rapid problem-solving, creating simple, cheap and typable systems. These buildings mean a common problem today with their outdated design, obsolete structure and questionable appearance.
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