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The revitalization of the Ganz-MÁVAG housing complex

The caring factory
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Eszter Jéger-Kaderják
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The fortress-like housing estate of District VIII, the former GANZ-Mávag Kolónia (Colony), was a model of social care at the beginning of the 20th century, but today it is in a state of disrepair, its shine has faded and its residents merely regard it as a forced solution.
In my masterwork, I set the goal to revitalize the colony, as I am convinced that its high architectural quality makes the colony timeless, and the "city within the city" structure envisioned by Pál Lipták can be well adapted to the 21st century.
My thesis is also the theoretical foundation of my diploma design. The topic is the housing estate built by the Ganz-Mávag factory for its workers, called “kolónia” (the colony). The robust building was designed by Liptai Pál and was built between 1910-1912, and was an outstanding example of social care provided by a factory. The estate contains 648 studio flats and a large communal building. The aim of my thesis was to discover the past and the architectural values of this building complex, and the task of my design is to rehabilitate it.
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