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TOMORROW BELONGS TO YOU – For the creative talents of the future

Talent journey within the programme
Creative preparation in Budapest
Our main focus is rural Hungary
Orsolya Dajka
Project coordinator
1121 Budapest, Zugligeti út 9-25.
‘Tomorrow belongs to you – for the creative talents of the future’ is a 18-month scholarship programme for disadvantaged high school students. Our mission is to put a creative career within their reach, and, by providing professional and mental preparation, help 25 young people each year to pass the admission entrance examination.

“In the 2020s, Hungarian economy, and the Hungarian creative industries in particular, are facing major demographic challenges, while substantial areas of the country and segments of society remain invisible to higher education.


This paradox can only be resolved with great care and targeted programmes.

We are now making an innovative and exemplary attempt that can benefit not only the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, but other higher education institutions and the whole of Hungary.”

Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy

President of the MOME Foundation, concept owner of the programme

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Határidő: 2023. november 10. 12:00 óra

Talent journey within the programme


September 25 - November 10. 2023

  •  Documents evidencing that the applicant is in need
  •  Letter of recommendation and motivation letter
  •  Individual creative assignment


November 13 - December 18. 2023

• Application submissions
• Face-to-face interview
• Decision made by the selection committee

3.Creative skills development training

February - July 2024

  • 12 training sessions at the MOME Campus
  • Creative, practical tasks
  • Mentoring, mental preparation

4.Creative camp

August 2024

  • 5-day summer camp on the MOME Campus
  • Discovering the university’s workshops (e.g. ceramics, film, textile, etc.)
  • Mental health and leisure time activities 

5.Admissions preparation

October 2024 - June 2025

  • 19-weekend sessions on the MOME Campus
  • Development of own art portfolio
  • Mentoring, mental support 

6.Entrance exam

June 2025

  • Sitting MOME’s admission entrance exam consisting of three rounds in a mentally and professionally prepared state, with own portfolio and excellent chances.

Creative preparation in Budapest

Providing free travel, board, lodging, a monthly stipend, and supervision by a teacher to all scholarship recipients.

Getting to know the most exciting creative crafts

SPARK training

Artistic skills development programme providing students with an understanding of design and creative processes, as well as the individual areas of art education.

Creating your own creative portfolio for a successful entrance exam

PREMOME training

A programme to help prepare students for the entrance exam for the desired MOME BA programme (19 weekend sessions), involving participation in MOME’s existing entrance exam preparation course to help students master a designer mindset and complete the art portfolio required for the entrance exam.

Mentoring, community events

"Role model conversations” – lectures with heads of workshops, instructors, successful creative professionals and MOME alumni.

Mental preparation – individual and group sessions with self-awareness trainings, conflict management, and career planning.

Leisure activities – MOME workshop tours, hikes, and sports activities. 

Our main focus is rural Hungary

In the first year, we are reaching out to disadvantaged young talents in art high schools located in and around Pécs, Miskolc, and Debrecen. 

Over the next three years, we are extending the scope of our programme to include smaller villages in Szabolcs county, the Kecskemét-Szolnok-Cegléd triangle, as well as Székesfehérvár and the surrounding area. 

The ‘Tomorrow belongs to you – For the creative talents of the future’ programme will be implemented in collaboration with local governments, study halls, and civil society organisations.

Selection Commitee

Éva Gyarmathy

Certified therapist, talent management professional

Pál Koós

Product designer, MOME General Deputy Rector

Eszter Babarczy

Philosopher, literary author, associate professor at MOME

Eszter Lóki

MOME psychologist

Renáta Rontó

Doctoral student, former Deputy Director of the MCC Roma Talent Programme

Anett Jákfalvi

Group lead for upward convergence at the Hungarian Interchurch Aid


Orsolya Dajka

Project coordinator


Member of the European
Network of
Higher Education Institutions
9 Zugligeti St,
Budapest, 1121