Adam Mazur's lecture at MOME Photography course week



Photobloc. How to Get Out of Central European Photography Ghetto, Be Recognised, Get Some Prizes and Not to Lose Identity

Online lecture _ 2020.10.14.

What does it mean and what it may mean today to be a contemporary Central European Photographer? What is the distinctive quality and is it ok to embrace it? What are successful stories of artists who did break out and work in the field without losing their connection to the troubled region?

The lecture is focused on the identity of 21st century Central European photography. You may like it or not but looking from an outsider's perspective it is still a dominant context in which artists from the region are valued. This situation is fuelled by historical and political rather than specifically artistic narratives. The presentation gives some historical background and Mazur talks briefly about today's institutional context in which we are all in. Then it moves to key questions and addresses them with some interesting examples.

About the lecturer

Adam Mazur (born in 1977) is an acclaimed art critic, art historian, curator and co-founder of the BLOK magazine. He works as an assistant professor at the University of Arts in Poznań. Kevesebb jelenjen meg

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Publikálva: 2020-10-26 13:04:00