MOME Formatervező alumni siker az IDA Design Awards-on


Cséffay Alexandra, tavaly végzett formatervező művész alumnink diplomamunkájával egy nagyon neves díjon - IDA Design Awards - kapott elismerést.

Odeur is a smart device that indicates time with the help of scents. Taking advantage of the beneficial physiological and psychological effects of fragrances, it supports the user 24 hours a day in successfully performing their tasks. We place great emphasis on visual and auditory stimuli, thus my goal was to create a device that works subconsciously and develops a new time perception method based on the sense of smell. A suitable scent can improve our well-being, so they are adapted to the activity of the time of day: they help the user waking up, working effectively during the day, etc. - olvasható az IDA Design Awards oldalán.

Publikálva: 2021-02-24 13:28:00