Kinga German PhD

leader of master program

Kinga German PhD

leader of master program

Field of education Theoretical Studies, Management
Field of research participatory exhibition organization, museum pedagogy, contemporary universal art, late Gothic architecture, museum knowledge and educational organization
Institution Institute for Theoretical Studies


She has participated in the development of the MOME Art and Design Management MA, and founded and run the Museum Management and Cultural Management (mukume) specialised trainings. She regularly organises exhibitions in Hungary and abroad, involving her university students. In 2015, she was curator of the Hungarian Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale of Fine Art (Sustainable Identities).  According to Italian figures, 501,502 regular visitors + 24,065 preview visitors visited the exhibition over the seven months. When compiling the catalogue for the exhibition, she collaborated with 21 authors from Hungary and abroad. The exhibition won the silver prize of the A’ Design Award & Competition, Como/Italy. In 2017, she was the curator of Éva Magyarósi’s solo exhibition titled A játékosok száma végtelen (The Number of Players is Infinite)-Debrecen, 24 B Gallery- Modem, where she worked with her own students and with students from the University of Nyíregyháza. Szilárd Cseke: ‘Fall by the Roadside’. Curator and publication author of Kunsthalle Bratislava-LAB (7.12.2017-04.02.2017). The number of visitors reached 12,636, which is a 10-year local record. In 2018, she was the mastermind and director of the participative exhibition project Nyitások (Openings- Budapest, Gallery B32).

She has been an invited lecturer at the Institute of Art History of the PPKE (Pázmány Péter Catholic University) for 13 years.  She was the member of the jury of the Hungarian selection on the 57th Venice Biennale of Fine Arts.  She is a jury member of the ARTBASE contemporary art programme, initiated by the Kunsthalle in Bratislava.



History of Art (major); History of Architecture, General Pedagogy (minors) - Universität Karlsruhe; Cultural Management specialised training (Universität zu Hagen)


Subjects taught

Universal 20th century and contemporary art

Museum Pedagogy

Exhibition Organisation

Visitor Researches

Culture Management Professional Practices

Soziales Design (Social design) in German language

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