In the academic year of 2022/2023, four Master courses start in English: Animation, Design, Interaction Design and Photography.

Development of animation contents and unique forms of expression at a high level

Apart from launching its program entirely in English language from 2023 MOME Anim MA extends its portfolio by adding two new lines of specialisation to the existing Animation Director program: Video Game studies and Immersive Storytelling.
Product Design

Training product designers with the ability to interpret the world in a broader context, social sensitivity, and the skills to develop high-quality design concepts

We train strategically-minded design professionals. Using a proactive entrepreneurial mindset they will be able to develop and implement projects to shape an inclusive and sustainable world for future generations. The syllabus is structured around the three key areas of ‘People, Planet, Prosperity’ and focuses on developing sustainable design projects through the integration of social, environmental, and economic aspects.
Interaction Design

Training the most innovative digital service designers of the future

We train experts who will play a leading role in designing the most innovative digital services of the future. Our graduate designers are familiar with the international scene and its opportunities, and are well-equipped to make a significant impact on digital culture.

A new generation of experimental and responsible-minded photographers

Our Photography MA programme trains open-minded and highly autonomous artists who are able to respond sensitively and progressively to the challenges of the world, supported by state-of-the-art technology and renowned teachers.
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