Escaping from Reality / MOME Photography MA exhibition

Budapest Photo Festival and MOME Photography are kindly inviting you to the opening of "Escaping from Reality - MOME Photography MA exhibition.

Opening speech by Szilvia Mucsy and Gábor Arion Kudász

"There is danger from all directions. The enemy hunts you in myriad forms; a host of man-eating trolls, dragons and orcs seek to destroy you. You are running away, but it's just a video game. Pressing the off button and everything stops...
The pages turn, chapters end. Songs begin and finish. A goal is made, a team wins. The painting has been framed. Credits roll, the screen goes dark. The epilogue is through.
All good things must come to an end– but is that really true?
You're lying in bed, you've barely opened your eyes, but already spinning the news. War, inflation, impending economic crisis ... Your head starts to buzz and suddenly you feel a pressure in your chest, you get up and shuffle to the bathroom. Your eyes rest on the worn tiles, slowly look into the mirror: a pair of tired, flayed eyes stare back at you..
You try to run away, but this is reality. What do you do?"

The exhibition is part of the Budapest Photo Festival programme, organised by the members of the MA From Artist to Audience course at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

Laura Detre Czirják , Daniella Grinberg , Sveta Maximova, Lilla Szepsi Szűcs , Valentina Süle Tamara , Hunor Tóth , Domonkos Varga 

Előházi Emese, Legát Franciska Anna, Oberfrank Réka, Sipos Lilla, Vigh Violetta

Organizer Team:
Anna Gajewszky, Daniella Grinberg, Sveta Maximova,  Laura Detre Czirják, Lilla Szepsi Szűcs, Hunor Tóth 

Graphic Design:
Nikoletta Mihalik, Vivien Nóvé, Petra Zajácz 

Elsa Berrien, Gergely Kováts, Dorottya Márkus
Kurzusvezető: Szilvia Mucsy 

The exhibition is open until 12th May.

2023.04.21 18:00
2023.05.12 17:00

Event information

Exhibition opening: 21/04/2023.
Venue: Nyolcésfél

This event will be held in English.

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