You are invited to the MOME PHOTOGRAPHY MA graduation exhibition series, presenting the work of students who graduated in the last three years!

Opening: 07.09.2022 18.00

Opening the exhibition: István Kovács (Berlini Magyar TV)

How different our lives would have been without the pandemic that has been going on for almost the third year now! If everything had remained the same, there would have been no need to rethink our habits and there would have been no need to think up new routines. The complex and unprecedented circumstances confronted the art students with many difficulties, but perhaps what they missed the most was the opportunity to share their excitement of working and preparing together. The series of six exhibitions shown here take place in a weekly rotation in order to break the spell of focusing inward by opening up towards each other and to the public as well.

A graduating class is in some respects an occasional company, as in their final exhibition an eclectic collection of individual creative endeavors are placed next to each other, not assembled by the synergies of their contents, but by the necessity of their simultaneity. In the project space of Capa Center, new passages are created between the works of photographers who completed their studies during the pandemic years. Week after week, we bring into play a set of important topics that the youngest generation of photographers are concerned about: the cohesion of groups, the challenges of our future, questions around self-acceptance, social tensions, confronting the past, or creating a home.

The exhibition will be updated every Tuesday, so on 13th, 20th, 27th  September, 4th and 11th October at 18:00, we will be waiting for you with accompanying events related to the theme!

Organised by Gábor Kudász Arion, Krisztina Erdei, Gábor Kudász, Krisztina Erdei.
Graphic design by Benedek Regős
Installation by Róbert Mayer, Richard Usher


The exhibitions are open during the opening hours of the Capa Centre for Contemporary Photography:

- Monday: closed
- Closed Tuesday-Friday: 14-19
- Saturday-Sunday: 11am-7pm

07-11. 09.2022 "ROLE PLAY"

Emiroglu Aysel Idil, Bede Kincső Hilda, Molnár Levente, Tóth Richárd, Gajda Barnabás

13.-18. 09.2022 "METAMORPHOSIS"

Izabella Réka Nagy, Anna Bányász, Eszter Asszonyi, Lujza Hevesi-Szabó

Opening: 13.09.2022.
On the occasion of the opening, visitors can participate in a yoga class in the exhibition space. Registration is required and can be done by sending an email to

The class will be held by Kristóf Schneider, art manager and yoga teacher.

20-25. 09.2022 "ON BODY AND SOUL"

Noémi Szécsi, Anna Kis-Kéry, Fanni Máli, Vivien Miron-Vilidár

Opening: 18.00
Opening by Zsófi Kemény, poet, writer, slammer

27.09. - 2.10. 2022 "THE POLITICAL IMAGE"

Kovács B Tamás, Karácsony Ákos, Horváth Katalin Fanni, Gámán Zsuzsa, Taródi-Nagy Konrád Péter

Opening date: 27.09.2022.
On the occasion of the opening, we will talk to the exhibiting photographers about how politics appears in their work and how photography can function as a responsible means of communication.

4-9. 10. 2022 "SENSE OF PLACE"

Ilka Olajos, Balázs Somorjai, Hanna Rédling, Juhasz Roxane Phylicia

Opening: 04.10.2022. 18.00

11-16.10. 2022 "HOME, AT LAST"

Cora Sun Yuting, Viola Koczka, Dorottya Daniella Novák, Edit Boldizsár

Opening: 11.10.2022 18.00
Gábor Arion Kudász, head of the Photography MA and director of the exhibition, will open the exhibition, which is also the last stage of the exhibition series.

Media Institute
Photography MA
Photography MA in English

Event information

Capa Center - 1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 8.

More events

At the end of March, Mirko Ilić, graphic designer and poster artist, will visit our university (MOME Budapest, Hungary) from New York.

The opening event of the master class of Margeaux Claude is a public lecture not only presenting her works, but also providing a glimpse into the possibilities of American art education and the Fulbright scholarship.

On Wednesday, March 22, from 17:00 to 19:00, Annabella Hevesi will talk about the adventures and challenges an emerging designer can face during product development - at home, as a woman. Since 2018, Annabella has been the lead designer of the Line and Round studio, and they worked with clients such as the Opera House, Sopron Basket and the Four Seasons Hotel.
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