MOME engages in aiding Ukrainian refugees

Hundreds of thousands are being driven out of their homes by the war raging in Ukraine. Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design feels compelled to stand with those fleeing the war and provide humanitarian aid. Our university pledges solidarity with the Ukrainian academic community, university students and artists.

In an effort to provide relief, the University is contributing its resources, spaces and opportunities to aid people arriving from our Eastern neighbour in collaboration with its strategic partners the Hungarian Red Cross, the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, and the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid. MOME is therefore making the following commitments:

  • As of today, MOME campus and dormitory are opening their doors to all people fleeing the war in Ukraine, providing them with housing and food.
  • MOME is opening its ongoing courses to refugee design and art students to enable them to continue their studies, and have their credits accepted by their own universities after the war.
  • MOME will automatically grant scholarships to Hungarian Transcarpathian and Ukrainian students for its (Hungarian and English language) academic programmes starting in September.
  • MOME OPEN, MOME’s adult training programme, is offering free spots to refugees for its live and online professional training courses.
  • MOME’s education experts are launching creative activities for the children of refugee families arriving to Budapest, and providing a rapid creative preparation course for teachers working with refugee children.

MOME’s measures are designed to encourage all other higher education institutions in Hungary to use their available resources to aid and support those in need.


Budapest, 28 February 2022


Published at: 2022-02-28 10:28:00