Creative Technology HUB

The Creative Technology HUB is a creative playground that is immersed in the research of the non-customary applicability of various digital and analogue tools at the borders of design, art, media, digital film, information technology, biotechnology, network science, smart technologies, museum pedagogy, cultural heritage conservation and several other disciplines. 

Three main focus areas of the HUB 

/// Emergent Media: immersive technologies (AR/VR), data and network visualization, artificial creativity, robotics, interaction design/user interface (UI), user experience design (UX);
/// Soft interface: textile interface, wearable technology, fashion tech;
/// Biotechnology: bio design, bio printing, alga technology; 

Head of the HUB: Ágoston Nagy 
HUB coordinator: Judit Gottfried


Projects and previous outcome:

Barabási Lab project
VEKOP furniture development
Zip Scene conference 
Soft Interfaces