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Dorottya Nagy
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Death puts an end to our earthly existence. However, a form of communication expressed through material symbols is retained between those who passed and those who remain. These forms of relationship and communication recaptured into objects are a cultic, ritualistic, and symbolic attempt at dialogue with the other side. Headstones are vestiges of our material existence, bearing the last messages of the bereaved. Epitaphs as gestures form a bridge between this world and the next one. These messages are filled with a multitude of emotions – anger, pain, resignation, comfort, hope, infinite love. The focus of my photo series is a picture of the epitaph “Time is everything, everything is time”. Highlighting the word “time”, and reflecting on the theme of the photo series, I created experimental spatial typographical characters, letter sculptures using steel strands. The project explores the dilemmas around words swallowed, taboo, and voicing. How to break taboos using articulated means and visual language in a guided and targeted manner through words?
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