Ceramics exhibition by MOME students at the Botanical Garden

The annual Sakura festival at the ELTE Botanical Garden has become a long-standing tradition, this year also introducing debuts by MOME Ceramic Design MA and Designer-Maker BA students. The works displayed were created using a high-fired, open flame wood fired technique following East-Asian traditions. The exhibition consists of the latest works of Noémi Ferenczy Award-winning ceramist Péter Kemény and his students, complete with a composition by ikebana artist Judit Várhely.

The Sakura celebrations are part of Hanami, Japan’s tradition of viewing the blossoms of the Japanese cherry blossom tree in April. 
 At this time of the year, when the Japanese cherry blossom trees burst into bloom in the Botanical Garden in Budapest, visitors – just like in Japan – can settle down on picnic blankets to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Sakura trees. The weekend events will introduce Japanese culture, including the exhibition of MOME ceramic design students. Traditional Japanese art is an essential aspect of all object design and ceramic design courses on account of its continuing influence on contemporary object culture.  

The MOME - FIRE exhibition of the MOME ceramic design students was inspired by traditional Japanese art, the close connection between nature and man that is central to Oriental cultures, and the aspiration to respect nature. Contemporary ceramics frequently draws on this culture and, as an art form, is capable of conveying all that it encompasses at both a material and intellectual level. For this reason, it is the mission of the ceramic design programme to provide students with an understanding of ceramic traditions where the maker not just creates the object but also controls the entire process of the firing. The exhibition featuring works created at the course using a high-fired, open flame wood fired technique following East-Asian traditions is available for viewing on two consecutive weekends, 15–16 April and 22–23 April at the first floor room of the Botanical Garden castle.  

Exhibitors: Péter Kemény, Fülöp Bechtold, Rebeka Boda, Ingrid Borkovics-Válint, Dóra Eiler, Martina Kovács, Maya Magyar, Luca Németh, Mátyás Zagiba. Curators: Péter Kemény / senior lecturer MOME and Edit Kondor DLA / associate professor. MOME Management: Katalin Cecília Hutter   

More info: www.fuveszkert.org  

Event information

Date: 15-16th and 22-23th April 2023.
Place: ELTE Botanical Garden

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10:00 - 17:00

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