MOME Photography students' graduation exhibition at Q Contemporary Project Space.

The exhibition is not intended to represent the results of the last three years, but rather is an eclectic selection of extracts from the students' perspectives. Each project is diverse in its aesthetic and conceptual approach, and it would be pointless to find a connection along these lines. The focus is seemingly superfluous from the inside, but ultimately it shows some kind of a learning process, and this is a fragmented state of these processes. Whether the aim of this process is sequential self-therapy, exploration or some kind of experiment.

List of exhibitors: 

• Ágoston Bényi 
• Dániel Ferenczi 
• Daniella Grinberg
• Maja Horváth
• Tamás Hadnagy
• Dóra Katona 
• Barbara Krix
• Olivér Lantos
• András Pál 
• Rebeka Pintér
• Ármin Silló 
• Iringó Simon 
• Márton Takács 
• Ágnes Tar 
• Emese Tóth

Opening speech: Gábor Pfisztner
The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12 to 6 pm.
Address: 1102 Budapest, Andrássy út 110.
Admission is free!

Media Institute
Photography BA
Photography MA
Photography MA in English

Event information

On view from: 2022. July 1. - 2022. August 13.

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