Forma Norma / Tünde Dániel

This year again, MOME's Product Design programs will offer inspiring lectures on a wide variety of design topics every second Wednesdays. We will discuss the present and the future of design and related fields, important dilemmas and questions with our lecturers, former students and representatives of the professional scene. The sessions are not only offering inspiration but also a way to connect with the community.

On Wednesday, 22 February, from 5 to 7 p.m., we will receive a visit from Tünde Dániel, who will tell us about what inspired her to become a vehicle designer in the first place, what it is like to make a career in an international work environment, and what opportunities for growth you can have in a corporate setting at a global brand. 

Tünde has been working in Germany for over 10 years, with global brands such as Mercedes, VW and Audi. 

After graduating from MOME in 2011 as a vehicle designer with a diploma work created at Mercedes’s studio in Como, she joined the exterior details team as a wheel designer at Volkswagen’s studio in Wolfsburg. 

Since 2015, she has been a designer with Audi at the company’s headquarters in Ingolstadt.

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Event information

Venue: MOME BASE B_106
Date: 22/02/2023, 5p.m.

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