The semester works of MOME students are now featured in a new format

From now on, the works of MOME MA students created for the End-of-Semester Review (KIPAK) will be presented in the form of a Gesamtkunst exhibition named MOME KIKI.

The first edition of the event series will feature selected students works from the five new English-language design Master’s courses – Animation, Design, Designer Maker, Interaction Design, and Photography – around thematic curatorial concepts.  

Titled 333, the first exhibition has a concept that explores the anxieties and coping strategies of Gen Z. Each of the selected 13 students sought to find a way to overcome these anxieties using their own artistic and creative toolset and unique approach.  

The title is a reference to the relaxation technique 333 that can help people struggling with anxiety get rid of distressing thoughts and ground themselves in the present. It involves naming 3 objects, identifying 3 sounds, then touching 3 objects in one’s surroundings. The number 3 also appears in the exhibition concept, with each of the three sections of the exhibition space dedicated to a central theme: the balance between man and his environment; the search for our roots, growing up, the quest for identity; and grief and letting go.  

The novel initiative aims to showcase the semester works of the students in a Gesamtkunst format, accompanied by fusion jazz music and performances.

The featured works include an IoT concept, an animation film plan, a card game for hospice patients, a photography project, a design for an application encouraging a sustainable lifestyle, and a speculative design concept challenging the superiority of man through a speculative vision where humans are subjugated to the needs of plants. 

Event information

Venue: MOME Ground
Date and time: 16 February 2024, 6:00–8:00 p.m.

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