Education through art

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

H-1121 Budapest, Zugligeti út 9-25.


Anikó Illés
head of training

MOME’s art therapy training for teachers

The course – planned for 2 semesters – is designed to provide an opportunity for those who already have a degree and have an interest in art therapy, and wish to further their training in the pedagogical utilisation of art therapy. The training is primarily open to professionals working in education, training and counselling professions.

Alignment of the training with the courses at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. In the tradition of the Institutional Department of Pedagogy and Psychology (formerly the Department of Teacher Training), our training course is launched under the title Education Through Art. In line with the traditions of the Department, it prepares students for art education and visual education. The launch of the training will increase the opportunities for students to learn a method that applies art to education and skills development, i.e. personal development, self-awareness, effective communication. The training is also open to potential students who are not committed to teacher training, but see the creative and inclusive process as an important means of understanding self and others.


The aim of the training

The aim of further training is to provide points of reference for professionals who like take advantage of opportunities afforded by the arts in their educational or counselling work.

The term ‘education through art’ can refer to two aspects of educational work: on the one hand, communicating with ‘problem’ children. Art can create an opportunity to start a dialogue with people who find it difficult to express their feelings and problems. On the other hand, art can be used to promote the discussion of taboo subjects (e.g. drugs, violence). Visual arts, drama, music and film are ways of communicating beyond words.


Competences of students completing the course at the end of training

Graduates of the course will be familiar with the types of psychotherapies using art and their applications. They will be able to effectively distinguish between ‘education through art’ in the context of educational, vocational, leisure or hobby activities and clinical cases of art therapy. They will use art therapy primarily in the areas of self-awareness, stress relief and community building.



Theoretical subjects: Psychology of Personality, Psychology of Art, Contemporary Art (taught by university lecturers)

Practical lessons: Art Therapies, Supervision (delivered by external, recognised professionals)

Field exercise: At the locations provided by MOME or at freely selected locations, in the latter case consultation is required.



The training is a 120-hour course. Over two semesters, it represents activities for about one day a month.

Tuition fee for the two semesters in total: 170,000 HUF + VAT

The training cannot be counted as credit towards compulsory teacher further training.

Application deadline: at earliest in August 2023  (application form expected at earliest June 2023)

Planned launch: at earliest in September 2023 



Form of application

MOME Institute for Theoretical Studies, H-1121 Budapest, Zugligeti út 9-25

You can apply for the course by sending in the downloadable, completed application form. We will confirm receipt of the application form.

The admission test is an oral interview.