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The Course Week is one of MOME’s most exciting platforms for collective learning, with workshop activities spanning programmes and years for a whole week. It allows Master’s and Bachelor’s students to work together and have opportunities for interdisciplinary, in-depth study and professional dialogue. The most recent instalment of the programme in the autumn semester covered a number of current topics with a relevance not just to design.

You can get a fresh perspective on the challenges of our shared future through the concepts of young designers at the exhibition featuring works by this year’s Stefan Lengyel Scholarship of Excellence recipients of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME).

At the Best of MOME ‘23, this year’s top MA diploma projects from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design made their debut on 14 October at the Kastner Kommunity. The event highlighted the questions and issues that occupy the minds of the youngest generation of designers and the various design responses to them.

The Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design is adding to the comprehensive offering of the Budapest Design Week celebrating its 20th anniversary on 5 to 15 October. Put on by MOME as part of the Hungarian creative industry festival, the events will present not only the career paths of the past two decades, but also the works of the University’s design students and overall design activities.

A team of MOME students have won first place at the CheckINN Revitalisator competition. First launched by the CheckINN Turisztikai Innovációmenedzsment Kft and MOME last year, the competition invites university and college talents to seek solutions for the reuse of rust zone sites in teamwork. From the nearly 30 teams, INDOOHÁZ received the first prize for giving new life to abandoned railway water reservoirs as bivouacs for backpackers.

Summer came to an end with a truly unique event held in the buildings of the Inota Thermal Power Plant in Várpalota. The INOTA - Audiovisual Festival at the power plant event series had several MOME affiliations, as collected below.

The latest season of the Architectural Matters public event series launched by the MOME Architecture Institute and moderated by Zoltán Neville was concluded by a presentation by architect and urban planner Jens Richter from the estudio Herreros architect firm. Following the talk, he was interviewed by MOME alumna Lilla Gollob for Octogon Magazine.

MOME Art and Design Management and Architecture students, as well as Design and Visual Art Teacher students from MOME and ELTE all participated in a course exploring the subjects of built environment education and participatory design. The architects also received a practical participatory design assignment involving high school students, namely to design a new community space in the courtyard of the Szilágyi Erzsébet High School in district 1.

This year was the 16th time the Architect Regatta took place at Lake Balaton, and the second time MOME has participated. The race, founded by architect Ernő Kálmán DLA, has become a tradition in the Hungarian architecture community, and is an excellent opportunity not just for sailing but also for networking among architects. The message of the race this year is that whatever life brings, we can count on each other -- “We are building the future together!”

Adaptive reuse, transhumanism, and the endangered status of bees are some of the subjects explored by the winning projects of the latest Stefan Lengyel Scholarship of Excellence. The winners of the Stefan Lengyel Scholarship of Excellence for the the spring semester of the 2022/23 academic year were announced on 29 June at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

An extensive museum pedagogy collaboration was launched by the Janus Pannonius Museum in 2019 under the name Op Art Academy, coordinating the work of students and teachers of four universities, including MOME. The resulting student designs and artworks are currently on display at the Museum Gallery and the Vasarely Museum in Pécs.

In memory of one of the most influential professors at the Institute of Architecture, the community of our university has unveiled a piece of public furniture, honouring his legacy.
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