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In addition to foundational methodological courses and advanced courses, we also focus on introducing fields connected to service design, such as research methodology, visual techniques, strategic planning, participative design and organisational development.
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Part-time training
1 years
2 semesters
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750 000 HUF / semester
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Service design is a dynamically developing profession, both in Hungary and abroad. An increasing number of companies and institutions are looking for service designers to ensure that the user experience of the services they provide, as well as their internal processes, are logical, well thought-through, efficient and user friendly. As part of the process, designers create sustainable, well-functioning solutions and optimal experiences for both clients and service providers.
Service design demands an attitude similar to that required in other fields of design. Creativity, empathy and the ability to collaborate are also key requirements, as are systems-thinking, a holistic approach, and the ability to involve various stakeholders. In addition to imparting service design methods, the training also focuses on the comprehensive development of these competencies. Our courses involve both practical projects as well as lectures that provide solid theoretical foundations. Our students participate in made-up and real-life service design tasks. By the time they complete the programme they are able to compile a portfolio based on their projects, which they can use to apply for service design positions in Hungary or abroad.
The programme is a correspondence course, with both in-person and online sessions. This means students can complete it while working. Both semesters begin with an intensive, four-day workshop. After this full-day sessions are held every other Friday in person at the MOME campus. On weeks when there is no in-person instruction, we hold online sessions on Thursday evenings between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., when students participate in theoretical lectures and consultations. In addition to in-situ classes, the courses also require students to complete tasks at home alongside independent research. The courses start in September every year and last until June.


In the theoretical module, we focus on learning through case studies. We also hold design theory lectures and introduce ...

In both semesters, students complete a complex design task in small groups. This allows students to deepen their knowled...

Becoming a good designer is not just about learning the most popular methods. Knowing journey mapping without systems th...


The second semester of the MOME Service Design specialised training kicked off with a four-day intensive workshop with lead service designers of Laerdel Medical’s Norwegian centre Katalin Dóczi-Nagy and Antonia Fedlmeier, involving the students in the development of a currently running live project.

MOME is the first university to launch a Service Design specialised training in Hungary. Service design is a dynamically developing profession, both in Hungary and abroad, with a steadily growing demand from companies and institutions for service designers to improve the user experience offered by the services in terms of logic, efficiency, and ease of use.

MOME is the first university to launch a Service Design specialised training in Hungary. We discussed the course launching in September 2023, the significance of service design, and MOME’s unique position as the ideal place to train service designers with leaders of the course Fanni Csernátony and Máté Barna.


17:00 - 20:00

The International Service Design Day takes place on 1 June. To mark this occasion, we invite everyone interested in the subject for an inspiring discussion with Hungarian experts about the most pressing dilemmas currently faced by the Service Design industry.


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