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Social Design Network

International network of social design research and education
Social Design Network (SDN) is an international group of like-minded individuals who are willing to take proactive steps and initiate positive change together to reframe and further develop the approach of social design on a global scale.
The Social Design Network (SDN), initiated by Dr. Bori Fehér (MOME, HU) and Prof. Jonatan Ventura (Shenkar, IL) was launched in October 2020. The Network involves members from renown international higher educational institutions across the globe, whose aim is to explore complex global challenges, share knowledge, develop new ways of collaboration, and uncover innovative methods and tools for social impact.
The Network is actively involved in design pedagogy and education, design practice, and research, working within social design frameworks, co-creating research projects, publications, courses, and conferences. While the Network is embedded in higher education, it collaborates with a diverse set of partners who share the same set of values such as NGOs, government agencies and industrial partners.
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