Trixie the Pixie: Flow House

The exhibition Trixie the Pixie: Flow House by our alumna Kitti Teleki will open on 7 December at 7:00 p.m. at K11 LABOR.

The animation director’s diploma work, Trixie the Pixie, which also received the Rector’s Special Prize, was launched on Instagram in 2021. The interactive exhibition will feature the experiences of Trixie, an Internet persona, shown through installation situations and motion picture contents, demonstrating how to thematically introduce questions related to mental health and self-awareness through animation.

We see her suffering from anxiety, being immature or struggling with time management. The microcontents (GIFs, illustrations, comics) explore current issues and subjects concerning young adults, and can also be interpreted as independent journal-like visual etudes. Trixie’s awkwardness is emphasised by the visual style of her character, making her even more relatable. 
The familiar visuals reminiscent of old cartoons or the Flow House structure bringing to mind the iconic Polly Pocket toys are small, nostalgic references to the turn of the 90s and 2000s, when Trixie was a kid.


Media Institute
Animation BA
Animation MA in English

Event information

Venue: K11 Labor
Exhibition is open from 7/12/2022 to 6/1/2023

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