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Nonprofit limited liability company
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MOME Foundation
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Our Foundation has established the Future Potentials Observatory Nonprofit LLC in January 2023. Its misson is to investigate, analyse and present the future potentials of social entities (such as family, organization, country), geopolitical frontiers, innovation horizons, design futures and digital futures – all in an EAST-WEST context.

The holistic concept of future potential expresses the readiness of social entities (e.g. family, organization, country) in terms of their ability to preserve a good life for their members in a unity of order through the strategic management of future changes.

The foundations for good life is provided by peace and order, attachment and community, care and generativity, balance and health, while changes appear and require strategic management in the fields of ecology-geopolitics, technology, socio-economy and culture.

Future Potential Index

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Future Potential Index (FPI) 2022
FPI Methodology
FPI Indicators
Launching of FPI (2022)

Antecedent research project


Zoltán Szántó Oszkár

Scientific and Executive Director, Chair of the Executive Committee

Professor of economic sociology and social theory

Marica Sárközi-Kerezsi

Chief Operating Officer, Member of the Executive Committee

Lawyer, specialist in higher education and data protection

Petra Aczél

Member of the Executive Committee

Professor of communication and media studies

Péter Szabadhegy

Manager of international relations

Businessman, former Hungarian Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Roland Jakab

Manager of Corporate Relations

President of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition

Advisory Board

Péter Szabadhegy


Chris Ball

member, Quinnipiac University

Paul Shrivastava

member, Pennsylvania State University

Edouard Husson

member, University of Cergy-Pontoise

Tamás Lőcsei

member, PwC Hungary

Lucy Kimbell

member, University of the Arts London

Anthony Kim

member, The Heritage Foundation

Dan Breznitz

member, University of Toronto (2023)

Supervisory Board

Dóra Sándor-Kovács


Zsófia Bánhegyi


Dr. Anikó Dr. Dócziné Skultéty


Ongoing research projects

Future Potentials

Future Potentials Index (FPI)

  • Development of FPI

Future Potentials of

  • Corporations/Companies 
  • Families

Petra Aczél

Leader of the Future Potentials Project

senior research fellow

Zoltán Ábrahám

research fellow

Gyula Bakacsi

senior research fellow

Pál Bóday


Zoltán Krajcsák

senior research fellow

Lili Érmezei

junior research fellow

Geopolitical Frontiers

  • Historical/Cultural/Political aspects of frontiers in East-West context
  • Geopolitical Frontiers Map
  • Forcasting new Geopolitical Frontiers

Nuno Morgado

Leader of the Geopolitical Frontiers Project

research fellow

Takashi Hosoda

research fellow

Amira Mouakher

research fellow

Federico Pachetti

research fellow

Esztella Varga

research fellow

Kristian Lau Nielsen

research fellow (2023)

Innovation Horizons

  • Historical/Economic aspects of innovation horizons in East-West context
  • Innovation Horizons Map
  • Forcasting new Innovation Horizons

Gábor Pörzse

Co-leader of Innovation Horizons Project

research fellow

Zoltán Csedő

research fellow

Zoltán Sára

research fellow

Máté Zavarkó

research fellow

Sára Koczkás

research fellow

Design Futures

Anna Keszeg

Leader of the Design Futures Project

Ákos Schneider

research fellow

Karina Vissonova

research fellow

Dávid Csürös

junior research fellow

Digital Futures

  • Examining international measurement systems with regards to factors and processes of future potentials
  • Catalogue of EU and global measurement systems focusing on innovation and digitalization
  • Possible means and procedures of comparing measurement results

Péter Kiss-Tóth

Co-leader of the Digital Futures Project

Krisztina Szentkirályi-Szász

Co-leader of the Digital Futures Project

Szilvia Graczka

research fellow

Balázs Nagy

research fellow

Szergej Vinogradov

research fellow


13:30 - 18:00

The Future Potentials Observatory’s third international hybrid workshop conference will take place on Thursday, 22 February.
13:00 - 16:45

The Future Potentials Observatory (FPO) is pleased to invite you to its 2nd International (hybrid) Workshop dedicated to obtain an overview of its research directions in the fields of Future Potentials, Geopolitical Frontiers, Innovation and Design Horizons and Digital Futures in an East-West context.
09:30 - 10:15

The Future Potentials Observatory invites you to a Speaker Series event titled “FPO TALKS” presented by Dr Panka Bencsik, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Health, and Society and of Public Policy at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA.
10:15 - 11:00

The Future Potentials Observatory invites you to a Speaker Series event titled “FPO TALKS” presented by Dr Rowan Lubbock, Lecturer in International Political Economy of Development at Queen Mary University, London.
09:30 - 10:30

The Future Potentials Observatory invites you to a Speaker Series event titled “FPO TALKS” presented by Dr Joanne Yao, Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the School of Politics and International Relations, Queen Mary University of London.
13:00 - 18:00

The Future Potentials Observatory (FPO) is pleased to invite you to its 1st International (hybrid) Workshop dedicated to obtain an overview of its initial research plans and directions in the fields of geopolitical frontiers, as well as innovation and design horizons in an East-West context.
09:30 - 10:30

Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University Dr. Fritz Bartel will give a lecture entitled The Triumph of Broken Promises: The End of the Cold War and the Global Origins of Hungary’s 1989. Bartel’s research interests lie in US foreign relations, the global Cold War, grand strategy, and the history of capitalism.


Zoltán Oszkár Szántó - Petra Aczél - Pál Bóday - Péter Harsányi

Forecasting New Innovation and Design Horizons

Gábor Pörzse - Zoltán Csedő - Máté Zavarkó - Zoltán Sára

Historical and Economic Aspects of Innovation and Design Horizons in East-West Context

Gábor Pörzse – Zoltán Csedő – Máté Zavarkó – Zoltán Sára

Innovation and Design Horizons Map

Gábor Pörzse – Zoltán Csedő – Máté Zavarkó – Zoltán Sára

A Pact of Iron? China’s Deepening of the Sino-Russian Partnership

Takashi Hosoda - Nuno Morgado

Journal: International Politics
Keywords: Sino-Russia Strategic Partnership, Military Cooperation Roadmap, Neoclassical Geopolitics, Power Perceptions, Geography

Submitted paper

The three levels of organizational change to build future potential organizations

Gyula Bakacsi - Zoltán Krajcsák

Journal: International Journal of Innovation Science
Keywords: organizational change; paradigm change; organizations with future-potential; commitment; innovation; culture

Integration Maturity of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: Has DCFTA helped prepare them for the EU Accession Process?

Dzenita Siljak - Kristian L. Nielsen

Journal: East European Politics and Societies
Keywords: Integration maturity, Eastern Partnership, DCFTA, EU, Accession process

Submitted paper

Nuno Morgado

Journal: European Journal of Geography
Keywords: Power, Potential, Perceptions, Geography, Culture, Space, Neoclassical Geopolitics

Published paper

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