Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Material Research Hub

Interdisciplinary research group focusing on tangible technology, dynamic surfaces, biomaterials, electronic textiles and soft robotics. They develop prototypes, research fabrication methodologies and create new materials.
By merging hardware competence and with dedicated software development, the hub emphasizes on exploring new materials allowing us to reshape the future and redefine the relationship between humanity and the materiality we are surrounded by.
By developing through an experimental scope towards augmented textiles, biomaterials and soft circuitry, the results are practical, impactful material innovations, positively affecting the current and future state of the human condition.

Biohaus project is raising awareness to the inescapable importance of biodesign and biomanufacturing on Earth from the innovation-generating perspective of Mars. In this half year we have created an inflatable bioreactor for algae cultivation.

The research and development of new augmented materials, specifically soft interfaces, to produce an intuitive, non-intrusive platform between digital environments and the physical world.

Team members

Fanni Csizmadia

Esteban de la Torre

Judit Gottfried

Dávid Holló

Judit Eszter Kárpáti

Zsófia Papp

Dávid Pelyva

Benedek Tasi

Research Hubs

Data collection is a daily practice in the 21st century but the stories behind the data are rarely unveiled. Data storytelling helps with interactive tools and narrative methods to show patterns that can help us make decisions.

Utilizing traditional ecological knowledge, state of the art technologies, and human ingenuity and intuition, we explore ways in which industry could do more with less, and serve not only the economy, but also ecologies.

In the Interaction and Immersion Hub we are looking at the design gaps of the Metaverse-like environments and we strive to create such prototypes that can have beneficial effect our mental health and also our daily life.

Developing and supporting practice based design research in order to seek opportunities for a more sustainable lifestyle and economy.
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