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In the Immersion & Interaction Hub we are looking at the design gaps of the Metaverse-like environments and we strive to create such prototypes that can have beneficial effects on our mental health and also our daily life.
We conduct research and development projects that aim to uncover how to prototype relaxing environments in VR and also how to learn more about Metaverse-like environments and their users’ behavior.
The Hub is in charge of extensive scientific research combined with exploratory prototyping methods, based on which can design future-oriented design solutions for the upcoming technological advancements.

Within the framework of an R&D course, students re-design an existing business so that it can still exist in the significantly transformed Hungary of 2050.

Understanding the social behaviour of the young users of virtual spaces and addressing unsafe situations in the metaverse in order to create a safer space for the next generation.

Can and if yes, how can a natural scene be recreated as an interactive 3D VR environment and experienced through VR HMD enhance relaxation?

Hub Lead

Immersion & Interaction Hub Lead




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Research Hubs

Interdisciplinary research group focusing on tangible technology, dynamic surfaces, biomaterials, electronic textiles and soft robotics. They develop prototypes, research fabrication methodologies and create new materials.

Data collection is a daily practice in the 21st century but the stories behind the data are rarely unveiled. Data storytelling helps with interactive tools and narrative methods to show patterns that can help us make decisions.

Developing and supporting practice based design research in order to seek opportunities for a more sustainable lifestyle and economy.
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