S/ALON BUDAPEST x MOME Design Institute

Discover the latest home décor products and trends at the the S/ALON BUDAPEST home trend fair between 22 and 24 September at the Budapest Arena, featuring MOME as one of the exhibitors.

Unique in Hungary, the fair showcases furniture, lightning solutions, flooring and wall coverings, home textiles, and accessories in spaces designed by seasoned interior designers and interior decorators. With the help of interior decorators and stylists, the exhibitors were able to create extraordinary interiors within the exhibition space over 7,000 square metres. With a focus on nature and closeness to nature, this year’s event titled Design and nature come together in a new unity – Home trends at the highest level will include a number of special experiences and design activities. S/ALON BUDAPEST brings the glamourous world of design magazines within arm’s reach. In addition to the classics, the latest trends, innovations, and novelties will also be presented, including the Hello Hungarian Design! section featuring a number of MOME alumni designers and introducing students of the Design Institute.

Exhibiting students: 
Kinga Csorba                   Textile Design BA 
Dóra Erdei                        Fashion and Textile Design MA 
Emese Horváth               Textile Design BA 
Eszter Kain                      Textile Design BA 
Anett Károly                    Textile Design BA 
Veronika Németh            Textile Design BA 
Dávid Radványi               Textile Design BA 
Emese Takács                 Fashion and Textile Design MA 
Berta Ujváry                    Fashion and Textile Design MA 
Anna Cserba                   Product Design BA 
Márta Una Petruska       Product Design MA 
Kristóf Kovács                Product Design MA 
Tamás Máté Nagy          Product Design MA 
Andrea Lukács               Product Design MA 
Balázs Kisgyörgy           Product Design MA 
Tamás Lajos                   Product Design BA 
Dávid Kristóf Szilasi      Product Design BA 
Eszter Hankó                  Product Design MA 
Szilágyi Nóra                  Product Design BA 
Ambrus Gergely             Product Design BA 
Krémer Zoltán                Product Design BA 
Ildikó Varga and Benjámin Melegh, Product Design BA and Photography BA 
Ádám Barcsai                 Designer Maker BA 
Fülöp Bechtold               Ceramic Design MA 
Rebeka Boda                  Ceramic Design MA 
Péter Cserba                  Ceramic Design MA 
Dóra Eiler                        Ceramic Design MA 
Dóra Eiler                        Ceramic Design MA 
Tünde Fodor                   Designer Maker BA 
Luca Koleszár                 Designer Maker BA 
Martina Kovács               Ceramic Design MA 
Emese Mráz                    Ceramic Design MA 
Sarolt Sógor                    Jewellery Design and Metalwork MA 
Dóra Szilágyi                   Ceramic Design MA 
Mátyás Zagiba                Ceramic Design MA 

Tickets: https://salonbudapest.hu/jegyek/ 

Event information

Date: 22-24 September 2023, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.
Venue: Budapest Sports Arena

Tickets: https://salonbudapest.hu/jegyek/

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