The animation community at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME Anim) is one of the most influential creative workshops and intellectual centers of animation in Hungary. Our main activities are education, content development, talent management and production. The education spectrum includes the BA and MA animation programs, short term courses and international training programs. Through content development and talent management we execute/implement projects, incubation and research activities. In the frameworks of our production scope the department brings various animation projects to life in partnership with domestic and international partners. We organize the KISKAKAS (Little Rooster) film days, exhibitions, film premieres and screenings, conferences and professional panels. Our main goals are to foster the next generation to start a successful career in animation and to map and research the continually expanding field of animation. Our mission is to enhance the reputation and success of Hungarian animation both on a national and a global level.

Degree programs

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Head of Department
Éva Katinka Bognár, leader of master program
László Brovinszki, head of department
József Fülöp, rector, leader of program
Eszter Glaser, project manager
Sára Veszprémi, department manager
Éva Katinka Bognár, leader of master program
László Brovinszki, head of department
Rita Domonyi, art teacher
Natália Fábics, assistant professor
József Fülöp, rector, leader of program
Réka Gacs, assistant professor
Gábor Réthi, master teacher, assistant professor
Orsolya Sipos, assistant professor
Guest Lecturers
Anna Ida Orosz, sessional lecturer

Non-degree Courses


High Fidelity prototyping 


VFX artist course


Start: Autumn 2019.

a MOME felvételi előkészítő kurzusai

CGI artist

MOME CGI artist course

Visual Storytelling

Estimated start date: fall 2021